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Hehe...I was a problem child!

Upon filing my grades from my Psychology exams, I found my In School Suspension (ISS) reports. *snicker* I spent a lot of time in ISS. I got ISS once because my pager went off during class. We had to get it back from the cops after 3 days. It was great!

What I also find funny is that when I transfered from Lilburn Elementary to Dacula Elementary in 4th grade, my grades went downhill. Hehe, they sent in a specialist without me knowing it to study me and to see if I had any psychological problems. She was distracting me, it wasn't my fault!

So anyway, I go into mddle school and my grades plummet even more. I'm failing everything BUT Band. Yes, I played the Clarinet and I was damn good too( I almost got 1st chair, but I was sick that day and couldn't go to school). I never turned in my homework and I never finished a lot of my class work. But, when I took a test, I A'ced it.

Hehehe, then in 7th grade, they made me go to the Dr. to see if I have any problems, again. They said I had ADD. Come to find out later, that over 80% of the kids in school were on ADD or ADHD medication and for every child on this medication, the school got money for it. So, needless to say, my mom took me off the stuff. It's not like I needed it. Hell, I just got bored in class and I did other things (like pass notes, flinging staples and small tightly folded pieces of paper across the room with a rubber-band. I almost hit the teacher once. It was funny- that part was in 8th grade). I had to do something to keep me occupide. You know, it's sad when you go into ISS so much that you become friends with the ISS teacher. I can't count how many times I was there. *snicker*

In 8th grade, they tried to do another Psycological Services Evaluation on me again. LoL. I passed. Still my grades were shitty and my only good grade was a 97 in Band. Why couldn't they figure out that it wasn't me that had problems. They just sucked ass.

Finally I transfer from public school to homeschool (Faith Christian Academy). They sucked too and my grades were horrible. Besides, I hated having to drive an hour to school more than once a week just to turn in a packet, take a damn test, or go in for a Science lab.

Now, I'm doing homeschool through American School and well, I have a 4.0 GPA.

You know, it's really bad when you go back to your old middle school to visit and the Assistant Princapal as well as the ISS teacher still know your name!
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